Written by Riccardo Benvenuti.

The NSW Supersport Championship returned to Sydney Motorsport Park for the first time since 2019. A good field of 15 cars came to qualify in cool sunny conditions, perfect for fast lap times. The field consisted of 13 Radicals (of all different guises), one PRB Clubman and one Juno LMP3. And it was the Juno driven by Alexander Kenny that claimed pole from Neale Muston in a Radical SR8. The second row comprised of Peter Paddon and Peter White. Row 3 consisted of Stephen Champion and Peter Clare. The format was 3 sprint races all in one day.

Alex Kenny made the best start in race 1, he was closely followed by Muston, White and Clare. As the leaders pulled away Greg, Kenny spun at turn 2, resulting in his car getting stuck in the grass. This incident caused the safety car to come out for 2 laps. Time needed to tow the stricken car and remove debris in the form of an undertray. To his credit Greg Kenny was able rejoin the race, albeit 2 laps down.

Once the field was released, Alex Kenny, Muston and White pulled away from the pack. The pace was intense at the front and White slowly dropped off. In the midfield, Champion was having his own personal dice with Clare. Last round winner Ryan Godfrey was not far behind them. The luckless Greg Kenny spun again, this would be the first and only DNF of the race. At the end Alex Kenny won from Muston. Paddon beat White home for 3rd. 

Muston had the best getaway in race 2 and was closely followed by Alex Kenny. The two leaders proceeded to surge away from White and Paddon. The pace up front was relentless, the leader was lapping nearly 2 seconds a lap quicker than the rest. Paddon overtook White to elevate himself into 3rd position. As Muston and Alex Kenny diced up front, a pattern was forming in the race; In the midfield there was two separate groups of 3 cars racing nose to tail. Champion, Clare and Braico diced for 5th position. And in the other group it was Greg Kenny, Godfrey and Beck dicing for 8th position. In the heat of the battle Godfrey went wide at turn 2 resulting in a small excursion in the outfield. He rejoined with plenty of work ahead of him. The dice for the lead was sorted when the unfortunate Alex Kenny retired. There after the race settled down. The final result was Muston 1st, Paddon 2nd and White 3rd, credit to Godfrey recovering to 7th outright.


Muston made a brilliant start in the trophy race; he was at least 3 car lengths in front of the rest by turn 2. The field quickly spread out with each driver finding their own space on the track. Champion started putting pressure on Clare for 4th spot, and at the same time Greg Kenny was doing the same thing to Back for 7th. By mid race distance Muston had a commanding lead from the 2nd position battle between White and Paddon.

Godfrey had a relatively high speed off in the braking area of turn 2, his car spun on the grass and stopped for a while. He rejoined the race after losing plenty of time. He repeated this a few laps later in the same spot. Paddon overtook White for second as Champion went past Clare for 4th position. White would fight back and reclaim 2nd position before race end.  Muston won comfortably, however he bizarrely spun at the high-speed turn 1 on his cooldown lap. White finished 2nd ahead of Paddon. Champion showed his consistency to arrive home in 4th. Clare was 5th from Braico in 6th, Beck arrived home in 7th from Greg Kenny and Godfrey. Stephen Roberts rounded off the top 10.