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Written by Riccardo Benvenuti.

The Supersports category started its 2022 State championship at Wakefield Park with a bang. A large field of 23 cars came out to qualify on a dry track, rain had been looming leading up to the day but thankfully stayed away for most part. Radical cars formed the majority of the field (Both SR8 and SR3’s), 17 in total to be exact. The rest of the field consisted of Stohr, Juno, West and Wolf brands.

During qualifying a few cars struggled at the hairpin, cold tyres caused some cars to spin into the infield. Most notable was Ryan Godfrey, his car getting stuck long enough to cause the red flag to come out. To his credit, Godfrey set a time fast enough for the front row. The honour of pole position went to Peter White in the SR8, with a time of 1:02. 1359. The second row consisted of Steve Roberts and Kostiken Pohorukov. Aaron Lee and Darren Barlow made up row 3. 

In Race 1 White made the best start and was closely followed by Godfrey, Steve Roberts and Pohorukov. Behind the leaders there was an incident that caused the safety car to come out. A car became loose as the field approached turn 2 for the first time and cars directly behind took avoiding action causing Ash Samadi to spin in the gravel trap and Paul Palmer to almost follow suit. 

At the restart White built a small gap to Godfrey and Roberts. The unfortunate Godfrey retired a lap later and Roberts spun his car at turn. rejoining towards the rear. By mid race distance White was leading from Barlow and Lee. The leaders were negotiating back markers by now and it was just a matter who handled the traffic better would claim the win. White had the straight-line speed while Barlow was faster in the technical sections of the track. White continued his form from late 2021 to claim the win by one second from Barlow. Ex Formula Vee driver Aaron Lee came home in a strong 3rd position. 

During the warm up lap of race 2, Steven Champion's car stopped in the middle of the track. The safety car stayed out longer to remove the stricken car and subsequently shortened the official race. White again made the best start from Barlow, Lee and Pohorukov. Greg Kenny was having a midpack dice with Peter Clare when he spun in the middle of turn 2. The unfortunate Warwick Morris was following close behind and could not avoid a collision with Kenny. Both cars sustained substantial damage and the safety car was called. It would be only a few laps sprint to finish once the cars were released. White made the best restart, however Barlow was able to stick with him and eventually passed him to take the win. White came home second while Lee finished 3rd.

In Race 3, White beat Barlow to turn 1 to claim the lead. During the 3rd lap White made an error and dropped from 1st to 13th. This mishap allowed Barlow to pull away from Lee, Roberts was 3rd and Pohorukov 4th. Alex Kenny had been struggling all day, however in this race he was showing his usual pace. Starting from a lowly position he made his was up to 5th and was putting pressure on the leaders. By lap 9, he made his was into 2nd and started chasing Barlow for the lead. 

Barlow held the position till the last lap, but a combination of lapped traffic and Kenny’s speed allowed him to claim the lead and eventual win. The final result was Alex Kenny from Barlow, Lee and the recovering White. Roberts came home 5th from Mark Brame, Brad Neilson and Paul Palmer. Steve Shiels and Peter Clare rounded the top 10. 

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