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Written by Riccardo Benvenuti.

A healthy field of 22 cars rolled out from marshalling to put on some very fast laps in the pursuit of pole position. The field consisted of a variety of cars; Wolf’s, Radical SR3, Radical SR8, Stohr’s and West’s. A wide variety of cars with different strengths and weaknesses. The Wolf’s ruled the time sheets with Ryan Godfrey claiming pole with a time of 1:25.8259. South Australian Mark Laucke was 2nd fastest and John Paul Drake was 3rd, all 3 on Wolf machinery. Neale Muston was 4th fastest and the first driver in a Radical.

Darren Barlow (Stohr) was 5th and along side him was Pater White (Radical). The rest of the top ten fastest were; Nick Kelly (Radical), Mark Brame (Radical), Aaron Lee (West) and Brad Neilsen (Radical). The format for the day was one qualifying session in the morning, followed by 3 races. The second race would be at twilight, and the last one during the evening under lights.

In race 1 Godfrey made the best start from Laucke and Drake. There was some jostling for positions as the cars arrived at turn 2, slight contact between the cars, but nothing too damaging.  During the 3rd lap, Barlow’s car engine lets go as he approached turn 2. His car immediately slowed up and started smoking. The quick-thinking drivers stopped just beside the flag point coming out of the turn. He gets out and proceeds to extinguish his own fire by grabbing the fire extinguisher from the marshal. Unfortunately, that was the end of his race meet.

Barlow's demise elevated Muston into 4th position, as the three leading cars powered away. In the mid field, Paul Royal was having a great dice with Joshua Peacock and Sue Hughes. Steven Champion was also having a spirited battle with Brad Neilson and Paul Palmer, until the latter ran into problems and retired. Up front, Laucke was putting plenty of pressure on the leader Godfrey. At the end it was to no avail. Godfrey came home 1st, Laucke 2nd and Drake 3rd.

The air temperature had dropped by the start of the second race. It was difficult for the cars to get their tyres warmed up, and this was evident as the cars arrived at turn 2 for their first hard breaking area. The stopping performance of each car was varied, and there was small contact amongst the pack. The result was Simon Copping having a spin in the middle of the turn and Steve Roberts as he came out of the turn. Both cars got going at the back of the field. Once the race stabilised the running order stayed static for most of the race. In fact, the first 8 positions did not change from start to finish.

 In the middle of the pack it was different, Peter Royal swapped position dicing with Adam Brook. Their dice rolled on for a few laps, with both drivers having a coming together side by side at the approach of turn 2. Both drivers continued with their duel, until Royal over shot turn 2 and toured the grassy outfield. Paul Palmer and Peter Clare were in close quarters throughout the race. Up front it was a repeat of the first race, the first 3 drivers finishing in the exact order of the first race.


Race 3 was run under lights, the cars looked magnificent on the starting grid. The front runners had an even start as they approached the fast turn one, the leaders were 3 wide.  Godfrey took command of the race, however this time White was coming second from Drake and Muston. Nick Kelly ran into trouble early on and had to retire. Laucke found himself in 5th position by the end of the first lap with plenty of work ahead of him. The Radical’s of White and Muston struggled to stay with the leaders, and both drivers were soon overtaken by Laucke. Drake soon felt the pressure of the charging Laucke, eventually the latter made a great overtaking move to move into 2nd place.

Palmer, Clare and Steven Shiels were only separated by a few seconds throughout the race. Ryan Godfrey came home 1st making it 3 wins for the day. Laucke finished 2nd ahead of Drake. White finished in 4th, accumulating another hand full of championship points. Muston finished 5th from Lee. The remaining top ten consisted of Brame, Palmer, Clare and Shiels.

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