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"When I'm motioned to drive out of the pit garage, it feels like I'm in Formula 1!"

Supersports NSW offers the discerning motorsport enthusiast the opportunity to own, drive and compete in a high performance race car. With a focus on the thrill of driving, competitive racing and simply having a lot of fun, Supersports is geared for those looking to live the dream of being a real race car driver.


With everyone limited for time and the need for a balanced lifestyle, Supersports provides a time and cost efficient way to be involved in an amateur racing category, but with all the feel of a professional.

"I used to race karts; Supersports cars feel very similar with a fantastic amount of grip. They just go a lot faster, and I get more time between corners!"


Vehicles driven in Supersports offer:

- F1-style open cockpit racing (and most with a passenger seat)

- low seating for that exhilarating feel of speed

- speeds up to, and in excess of 250km/h
- aerodynamics with high speed cornering (faster than a Supercar in fact)


Most cars types are a "Radical", which is a built-for-purpose category from the UK.

"I love the fact I can just turn up, put my gear on and switch into race driver mode. And I can even be back at work just after lunch."


With an "arrive and drive" approach, our dedicated group of professional racing teams will get your car ready, bring it to the track and provide all the operations. That way you can focus on the thrill of driving. And they'll take good care of it including insurance it when it's away from the track.

"I've been wanting to do something like this my entire life."


Even if you've never set foot in a race car before, we'll help you get up to speed. It's never too late to start.

Radical SR3
Radical SR3
Radical SR3
Radical SR3
Radical SR3

To get yourself to the starting line head for our STARTING page.

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